Friday, August 25, 2006

||//August 26||

YAY finally back from sec2 annual camp!!! ~~ HEll in there... Everything there inhygienic.. utensils use for 3 days with minimal washing... Like eating oil from the food the previous day! YUCKS! Then the toilet stinks like shit man!.. Worst is the mud... "Nature ramble" with u walking in mud up to ur thigh level!!! Gross... But actually oso quite fun lar.. xD Think my shoe gna spoil liao... Wasted.. At least I survived the camp unscathed except for those few mosquito bites and minor sunburn... Poor hunter... Broke his armm.. Eks!! His arm was like dislocated.. Gross. HAHA then got this cheer.. HEehe niao "JI LIANG" LOLX


Are you ready kids?
AYE AYE Captain
Icarn hear you

Whoooo lives under the sea in a pile of shit
bu ZI LIANG li
Who moves his house and pollutes the sea
bu ZI LIANG li
Who lies on the seabed and thinks he is a shit
bu ZI LIANG li

bu ZI LIANG li
bu ZI LIANG li..........................................


ROfl... everyone meng niao Zi Liang!!!

Bin Hao | 7:22 PM

Monday, August 21, 2006

||//August 21||

Another sian... day in school.. 2 more days to sec 2 annual camp!!! BORING Teacher make me as camp leader.. WTF Sec 2 camp is fuking boring.. Wna pon but need for NYAA :/ Today go cold storage.. Then we go wreck havoc. HAHA. HongLiang make me do stupid things for teachers day... Make me get voice recoriding from teachers when i dun even have a recorder... Sian ah... But no choice lar.. OT liddat one ;P Wha will be away till Friday. Long long long time from now... Better rest early soddat wont feeel shitty during camp.. HEHE

Bin Hao | 5:42 AM

Saturday, August 19, 2006

||//August 20||

YAY!!! finally finished my first blog.. Woot.!! HAHA Looks ok i hope. Gimme some feedbacks so can change and improvise.! xD Wah today Sunday liao... Tmr muz go school... SIANZ Then gt this stupid IDS, muz go Bukit TImah NTUC!!! for some nutrition course... Excursion to NTUC. FIrst time sec 2 gt such thing... Dumb! Then muz buy dunno what ingredients make some nutritious desert... My grp wna make "THIS"! LOL. Buden gd thing is tht gt 5 CP for IH, Maths and Sci!!! YAY desperate for Sci cp.. ;P Hope fully dun screw it up...

Damn suk lar... Din get into grand finals... Spent "so much" time and effort but only get B+... Bt at least got 8 cp for IH and 3 across... !!! JAJA

Bin Hao | 8:04 PM


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